making blogging easy for beginners

Making Blogging Easy For Beginners: 8 Critical Elements (2023)

September 26, 2023

Making blogging easy for beginners can be a challenge because of the hesitation and fear of the unknown. But I promise, by the end of this article, you’ll feel much more comfortable with this entire concept of blogging. So, essentially, what is blogging

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blog commneting for seo

Blog Commenting For Better SEO: A Surefire Path To Top Search Rankings (2023)

September 22, 2023

Blog commenting for better SEO is your rocket to online glory in the broad digital environment. It’s not just about gathering SEO gold (those attractive backlinks), but also about building a blogging community. Essentially, blog commenting is a form of engagement that builds

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user intent for better seo

Leverage User Intent For Better SEO (And Rank Higher In SERPs)

September 4, 2023

Understanding user intent for better SEO is crucial for obtaining higher search engine rankings. That’s because, today, achieving a top position in search engines doesn’t rely on keyword stuffing. Such practices are not only outdated but also illegal in Google’s parlance.The current strategy

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Blogs Vs AI (The Hidden Conflict) And The Future Of Blogging

Blogs Vs AI (A Raging Conflict) And The Future Of Blogging

August 31, 2023

With the merciless onslaught of AI, this question was coming anyway: the question about blogs vs. AI. The truth is that artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a strong force across numerous industries in our rapidly expanding digital economy. says “62% of

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why blogs fail

20 Reasons Why Blogs Fail And Bloggers Quit Too Early

August 15, 2023

The reason why blogs fail is attributable to multiple factors leading to blog failure. These could be blogging pitfalls like not researching topics well, creating poor blog content, or inadequate audience knowledge, among others. According to “One of the main reasons why

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Why Bloggers Fail In Spite Of Creating Good Content

July 31, 2023

Why bloggers fail is due to a number of known reasons. Yet, despite knowing the reasons, we constantly witness new blogs being launched and then slowly fading out. The fact is that a lot of bloggers quit. And often, too early. Even when

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Limitless Blogging Success

Embrace Your Current Journey for Limitless Blogging Success

July 19, 2023

Usually, most bloggers desire limitless blogging success. That means we want to succeed consistently, all the time. In an article on the mistakes made by bloggers, says “Bloggers fail because they don’t realize that blogging is a business that requires effort, time,

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Free Home-Based SEO Training Strategies For Bloggers (2023)

June 14, 2023

Free home-based SEO training is something that a lot of aspiring bloggers look forward to. According to studies the worth of the SEO industry is over $50 billion as of 2023. That makes education in SEO crucial in the competitive blogging space online.

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blogging after chatGPT

Future of Blogging After ChatGPT: Why Bloggers Still Matter?

June 3, 2023

The rise of AI language models like ChatGPT has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the blogging landscape, transforming content creation, user engagement, and collaboration. According to a survey on, by 2025, AI is expected to be adopted by approximately 49% of

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Stay Motivated Blogging

Stay Motivated Blogging: 10 Tips To Keep Succeeding As A Blogger

May 30, 2023

How do you stay motivated blogging, particularly when you’ve been blogging for a long enough time? Sometimes without seeing the results in an expected timeframe? The truth is that motivated blogging not only benefits the writer (because it is inspirational blogging) but also

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passion for blogging to fuel success

Discover Your True Passion for Blogging: 14 Secrets To Fuel Your Success

May 27, 2023

A passion for blogging is the heartbeat of successful blogging. Zeal and passion serve as the driving forces behind every aspect of a blogger’s work. Passion, in fact, infuses creativity and a desire to offer greater value. A passionate blogger exudes authenticity. And

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blog content better than ted talks

Could Blogs Offer Better Content Than Ted Talks By Any Chance?

May 23, 2023

While both blogs and TED Talks have their own merits, here are several factors to provoke your thinking about blogs.  A 2017 article in says this about Ted talks, “In theory, TED talks are a trove of ideas, a mine of educational

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finding nonstop blog post ideas

Unleash Your Blogging Genius: 14 Expert Tips for Finding Nonstop Blog Post Ideas

May 14, 2023

Finding nonstop blog post ideas is crucial for successful blogging, as it is a powerful tool for building an audience, establishing your expertise, and growing your business. However, thinking of fresh and engaging ideas to write about can get pretty difficult. Particularly if

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Blogger Jon Morrow’s Lessons On Resilience And Motivation In Blogging

Breaking Boundaries: Blogger Jon Morrow’s Lessons On Resilience And Motivation In Blogging

May 8, 2023

Resilience and motivation in blogging are all about fighting to win. Actually, “resilience” is the aspect of motivation that is all about overcoming significant obstacles. Interestingly, to rightly understand resilience and motivation in blogging it’s important to grasp this: the opposite of success

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Top 81 Motivational Quotes For Bloggers

Take Action Today And Start Succeeding : Top 81 Motivational Quotes For Bloggers

April 2, 2023

There is a rising demand for motivational quotes for bloggers. The reason is blogging demands consistency, which can be difficult to maintain over time. The purpose of motivational quotes for bloggers is to assist them to stay committed to their writing schedule even

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