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Future of Blogging After ChatGPT: Why Bloggers Still Matter?

The rise of AI language models like ChatGPT has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the blogging landscape, transforming content creation, user engagement, and collaboration. According to a survey on, by 2025, AI is expected to be adopted by approximately 49% of industries in the IT business worldwide As

How To Improve “Expertise” in EAT Score (2021)

Expertise is a critical element in EAT score, and its improvement is essential for your ranking. In this post we’ll be taking a look at

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7 Great Ideas To Create Viral Blog Posts

What is a Viral Blog Post? Viral blog posts pertain to a piece of blog content which are circulated rapidly and widely from one web

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7 Exceptional Benefits Of Long-Form Content

  The benefits of long-form content are often overlooked by bloggers because of a pure lack of awareness. Increasingly, over the years, long-form content has

6 Very Basic On-Page SEO Actions

On-page SEO actions are what really propel your page- rankings. We’ll be taking a look at some basic SEO actions in this post. To start

How To Use Keyword Intent To Convert

  Keywords are the basic tools for optimizing your blog for SEO. But not all keywords convert equally. More importantly, the way keywords are used

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7 Superb Ways to Create Irresistible Blog Posts (2020)

Want to create irresistible blog posts? But not sure if you’re doing it right? Well never mind. Because writing challenges hit all bloggers in the