rekindle your blogging motivation

Rekindle Your Blogging Motivation: Tactics for Successful Bloggers

“How do you rekindle your blogging motivation, once it begins to decline?” This is a dilemma that every blogger has faced in the past and will continue to do so in future as well.

According to known figures on the subject, almost 80% blogs fail within the first six months of starting.

Now these stats are not meant to disillusion you but to share the face of reality.

And the other half of that reality also is that most blogs fail because of “poor blogging mindsets.

Yes, blogging is a mindset game exactly like an athlete’s mindset or of a performing artist, or scientific researcher.

Yet few bloggers understand this, and hence become easy targets for “lady frustration“.

They quickly quit blogging.

Or stop trying if their initial enthusiasm for blogging is hit by a temporary setback.

So, without wasting more words we’ll quickly dive into this article to understand what you need to do to rekindle your declining motivation for blogging.

What Will Rekindle Your Blogging Motivation ?

Remember, blogging is an incredibly solitary activity.

We bloggers spend a lot of time thinking about ways to keep our readers stay engaged. We want to create engaging, high-quality content that’s shareable.

This takes a lot of time, effort, research and hard work, though.

But without this awareness, we usually launch a blog, ready to put our ideas into the world, and then real-life interrupts us.

That’s because of this fact of human life; a lot of us, are more than just our blog (at least in the beginner days)

There is an endless variety of roles that we play: students, members of the community, parents, employees, etc.

Hence to focus on more pressing matters, we pause our blogging every now and then.

rekindle your blogging motivation

And the harsh the fact also is that it isn’t always easy to rekindle your blogging motivation with so many things happening around you (one reason why many bloggers fail or quit)

Here are just two relatable examples of factors dampening your blogging motivation.

It’s possible that taking care of your loved ones has left you emotionally exhausted.

Or maybe your significant others just aren’t in agreement with your ‘blogging enthusiasm’.

So, what’s the effect of this “unsupportive” environment on you?

The commonplace effect is on your motivational mindset.

Keeping up with your blog can be challenging at such times, especially when you feel like your words are being lost in cyberspace.

Also, we need to make time to market our blog on social media, interact with other bloggers.

We need to learn new skills, and also read a lot of content.

And we also need to be aware of the fact that with every small step like that we become the authors of our own success.

But like Motovationvalley says, “that success comes along with some discomfort“.

Remember, blogging isn’t something you study in a classroom.

It’s your 9 to 5 job.

A one-sided profession that’s hard to keep pace with initially, especially if your posts aren’t gaining thousands of views.

So, what do you do?

What will keep you going as a blogger?

How will you rekindle your blogging motivation ?

Well, according to researchers there are  three main components of motivation:

  • Awareness of the problem
  • Importance of the result
  • Confidence and hope of resolution

Let’s break down this concept of motivation and see how it relates to bloggers who are constantly on the go.

Understanding the Motivational Issue

Strange as it may seem, a lot of bloggers have no idea why they can’t easily rekindle their blogging motivation, once it is” diluted.’

This is something I’ve even noticed among more seasoned bloggers.  

Here’s a real-life example:

Steve is always juggling several people and issues due to his hectic schedule as a professional, a working father of three children, and a working spouse.

But, despite his devotion to his family and fulfilment in his work, he can’t control his passionate desire to keep blogging.

However, as an amateur blogger, the only real drawback is the time commitment involved.

spend more time blogging

Image Source: Orbit Media

But the truth is blogging and, well, life in general, demands finite time.

Yet this can be a real challenge if you’re anything like me.

That’s why I have to keep reviving the blogger’s enthusiasm, and rediscovering that ‘blogging joy’, which is crucial to keep you going.

Therefore, the first step—as clichéd as it may sound—is to identify the problem.

According to the American Society for Quality “identifying or defining the problem” is an integral part of solving it too.

And this is equally true while approaching our blogging motivation problem.

define your blogging problem

Image source: Schoolsforchildreninc

So, our friend, Steve has an unidentified problem: He is too busy to write a blog.

Or so he thinks.

But tough as it may sound, the right approach is that he needs to tackle this false statement that he’s living by. 

Actually, he does have time to blog.

Only, that his surrounding conditions for blogging aren’t always great.

While waiting to pick up his son from school, he occasionally finds fifteen to twenty minutes to blog. Or an hour before he leaves for the workplace in the morning.

Yet, these snatches of time are far from sufficient.

You see, Steve is free, but he isn’t the type of well-known blogger who can relax on the beach with a drink in hand and engage in idle “ideation.”

Changing Your Story To  Rekindle Your Blogging Motivation

The strategy for sparking that blogging enthusiasm, then, is to avoid the excuse of “I just don’t have the time to blog.

Instead, it’s better to say, “I get to blog for fifteen minutes after accomplishing a required task.”

Fact is, you need to start telling yourself a different story.

Source Tony Robbins

Create a positive narrative around your blogging, instead of a pessimistic one.

 A positive story about your blogging actually does a lot better for you and your blog.

It’s certainly better than staying loyal to an old, habitual narrative that could be more disempowering, and less true.

Importance Of Reigniting  Blogger’s Passion

Now that we have identified our problem, it’s time to discuss our goal’s importance.

For me, blogging is more than an obligation or a hobby.

It’s a passion.

Sharing my thoughts and ideas online has brought me joy, relationships, confidence, and an outlet to express myself.

Plus, this way I can also earn money as a blogger.

Blogging ranks pretty high on my list of important things.

And it has always been my goal to become a full-time blogger.

Reigniting  Blogger’s Passion

Image source:

But I haven’t always been a blogger. I had a steady government job at a senior level, until I had to retire.

And after retiring from my profession decided to stick with blogging.

But even then, I had to communicate with the people in my family about how much I value blogging.

Letting your family know how valuable blogging is for you, can do a ton of good to help rekindle your blogging motivation.

It often removes misunderstandings with your nears and dears (in case that really is an issue).

Strategy: Regaining Blogger’s Motivation Despite Family Opposition

If the important people in your life aren’t particularly supportive despite telling them about it, there’s still a simple way out of it.

Find a blogging friend (or two).

Interestingly, there are some great blogging communities, forums, and mentorship programs online to help you stay fired up when you feel alone.  

Among blogging communities, Blog Engage, BizSugar, Kingged, Triberr are better known.

blogging communities kelp rekindle your blogging motivation

Image Source:

Now that you’ve identified how important blogging is, think about what stops you from reviving your excitement as a blogger.

Well, as humans, we are wired to follow the path of least resistance.

That is why change is so difficult.

But just because you’re feeling frustrated or drained you don’t need to stop trying to succeed at blogging. You could do things that make you feel good in the moment. More so when you feel overwhelmed.

 Perhaps you decide to binge-watch a TV series, go out with friends, or tend your garden instead of blogging.

The immediate benefit of indulging in this ‘unrelated activity’ is to calm you down and restore that lost zeal for blogging some more time.

Interestingly a lot of bloggers and even successful CEOs indulge in short duration meditations, to free the mind of clutter.

So just for fun, you can try and take a minute off with this Headspace clip.

Actually, this form of meditation gives a new fillip to your creativity.

The point is to always remember how important blogging is to you. And to also surround yourself with a supportive community, or relaxing activity to keep you on track.

Even if you only take advantage of that extra time a couple of days a week, celebrate it as a success.

It’s better than beating yourself up.

And it’s also possible that the time spent on tending your garden can generate a new idea for your blog.

This does happen, even with experienced bloggers.

The Role Of Confidence And Hope To Rekindle Your Blogging Motivation

Many motivational experts say that you are more likely to be successful if you are confident in your ability to change.

 If you don’t have much confidence that you can find the extra time to blog despite a busy schedule, that’s okay for the time being.

But if you can, try digesting this: You’re not low on confidence. It’s more to do with your will to learn blogging, your competence.

rekindle blogging motivation and confidence

Image source:

You can work on your self-confidence by naming some things you do well as a blogger.

Maybe you are awesome at creating engaging content, or your visual content skills are amazing.

Perhaps you can design beautiful infographics or create eye-catching blog-visuals. Maybe you’re very good at enhancing UX.

I say to you – whatever you’re good at, enjoy it.

Celebrate it.

It’s enough to take you very far into your journey, if you don’t give up halfway.

The Practice Of Applauding Your Own Content

We can be our own worst enemy when it comes to self-confidence.

So here’s an exercise for encouraging yourself:

Try saying one nice thing about your current or previous blog post before sitting down to write. There will be at least on section or paragraph that’s good enough even for the doubting part of you.

One thing that I regularly do is reread the last blog post I wrote and find a paragraph I’m particularly proud of.

This also serves the purpose of promoting my blog, because I’ll use this excerpt to create a social media teaser.

Staying motivated to blog can be challenging, especially when there are so many important activities and people vying for our attention.


1. How can I rediscover my enthusiasm for blogging?

Take a moment to reflect on the initial reasons that inspired you to start blogging, and let that reignite your passion.

Consider the subjects that truly ignite your passion and resonate with your personal interests. It might be worth exploring different content formats.

Additionally, you may want to think about working together with other bloggers or participating in industry events to ignite new ideas.

2. I’ve become disinterested in my blog. How can I reignite my passion for writing?

If you’re feeling uninspired by your blog, consider making some changes to your routine.

Find some time to step away from your writing and indulge in activities that can refresh your creative spirit.

Consider diving into a good book, exploring new places, or dedicating time to your favorite hobbies.

Besides, it’s always beneficial to know your audience well, because this helps you gather better feedback from them. So, make an effort to grasp what connects with them.

Then delve into different angles or subjects that pique your curiosity.

3. How can I reignite my passion for blogging after experiencing burnout?

Revitalizing your passion for blogging involves implementing a comprehensive strategy to combat blogger’s block or burnout.

Begin by establishing attainable objectives and limits to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Make sure to focus on taking care of yourself by incorporating simple self-care practices into your routine.

This can include regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and practicing mindfulness techniques.

Connect with your audience by sharing personal stories or experiences, and consider adding variety to your content to keep it interesting and captivating.

Just a friendly reminder to take breaks and reach out to fellow bloggers or mentors when things get tough.

4. How can I develop a motivated frame of mind to enhance my blogging?

Blogging from a position of confidence requires an optimistic outlook, well-defined objectives, and the ability to persevere through adversity.

If you want your blogging to be a reflection of who you are and what you stand for, it’s important to take the time to reflect on yourself.

Strike a balance between work and play by surrounding oneself with positive influences, reading up on other bloggers for ideas, and making time for self-care a top priority.

5. How does a blogger’s journey necessitate changing their mindset?

Because it determines one’s attitude, actions, and results, developing one’s mindset is crucial to a blogger’s path.

Having a positive and growth-oriented mindset gives bloggers the strength to overcome challenges.

They are open to new experiences and perspectives, and they keep going for their blogging dreams.

Such motivated blogging effectively builds resiliency, flexibility, and direction.

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Rekindling your motivation for blogging needs a holistic approach. You actually need to address both, internal and external factors.

Understanding the obstacles blocking your motivation is the initial step towards overcoming them.

Next, you need to reframe your narrative about blogging. Particularly if you’re going around with a disappointed mental bias toward your blogging journey.

That said, it’s possible that despite all your inner zeal for blogging your intimate relations may be out of tune with your passion. Well, you just need to have a frank talk with them in that case. It helps.

Another factor is confidence in your work. This trust is a core element in your blogging journey, empowering you to persevere through a variety challenges. You need to build on it constantly.

Besides, you’ll do yourself a service if you celebrate your victories, no matter how small. This is one action that genuinely rekindles your motivation for blogging.

Ultimately, with a positive mindset, you can keep rekindling your blogging motivation for the weeks, months and years up ahead.

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