How To Become A Great Affiliate Marketer In 2021

How To Become A Great Affiliate Marketer In 2021

How To Start Off In Affiliate Marketing

A great affiliate marketer takes massive steps to succeed massively. That’s the start point. No fluff intended, nor encouraged.

Online work is hard work.

But it is exciting work.

And a thoroughly fulfilling  way to creating enormous online profit.

The list of people who have succeeded online is huge, and growing. Many, if not most, of them had no technical knowledge of the  internet or any digital skills whatsoever.

Only their interest, persistence, and will to succeed did the magic. The magic of earning six, seven and even eight figure incomes online.

online profits in 2020

A successful  affiliate marketer  should aim to be at the top of search engine results and work at outclassing competition. So long as you are on the top of  search results and you can grab eyeballs of your audiences, you are doing great.

You may not be aware of this, but in affiliate marketing besides making  great money you also get to win goodies like mobile phones, headphones, TV’s, laptops and a host of other stuff.

 Then,  depending on the kind of affiliate products, you  can also earn recurring commissions from your  affiliate programs.

Learn to Understand Online Trends Well  

Depending on your niche some  affiliate products you promote will be seasonal and others will stick around  for longer. Maybe a year or more.

Other products will stay for reasonably long and their demand will be  more of a  permanent kind. They fall into the ever green category.

You, the affiliate marketer, will be the main link between the customer and the product. That’s why you must decide clearly upon which offers to promote and when.

 Promoting Affiliate Offers

Affiliate offers need constant promotion.

And for that  you use a website or blog.

pay per click

Or you use PPC, which is  Pay Per Click; this way every time someone clicks on your ad you earn money.

 You can employ a wide variety of methods to  promote affiliate offers to get amazing results. All you need is to put out  the right offers and right key words that compel your audience to click on.

Profits must, and will follow.

How CTR Affects Profits In Affiliate Marketing

Sales online are decided by click through rate or CTR , and the conversions (sales) that follow after that click. Simply stated, CTR is a ratio of the number of times a customer sees your ad, to the number of times he  clicks on it.

Essentially, you should consider Google (in fact all search engines) as a democracy,where audiences vote by clicking (CTR). So a higher CTR means higher success.

This is why you must make sure to  achieve a high CTR or click through rate. That way you greatly raise your chances of a final conversion (sale).

Let’s say, for example’s sake, that 200 people click on your ad and out of that 20 of them finally end up  buying your offer. That’s a pretty ok result.

But say if you get 2000 clicks and only 20 sales then your profit is much less. This is because the cost you will pay (in running your website/ blog/ ad) compared to  your profits will be more than the first instance.

high profit with more CTR ratio

In fact every time someone clicks on your ad without finally buying, there are higher chances of your costs exceeding your profits. That is why obviously you have to achieve a  break even situation first. After that focus  on your profit margins ASAP.

By the way,one great way to increase your CTR is through long-tail keywords. Think of that!… 


Regularly Test Your Affiliate Marketing Plan

Whatever you do online needs almost constant mid-course correction and monitoring. Initially you would like to invest only a little on your online ads for affiliate marketing. Not a fortune

Even though you begin with a modest investment, you stillhave to monitor your efforts.

You have to test what’s working and what’s not.

It is critical to your success. Critical to your becoming a great affiliate marketer.

How To Leverage Your Statistics

Becoming a  great affiliate marketer demands a fair amount of  study of factual data, and then tweaking it to your advantage .

And you should be in love with this “digital jostling”. Purely so that you reduce your risks of  wasting the money invested in ads.

You do this by checking your statistics and tracking your ads in the  online back-end office of your ads.

This statistic study is not difficult. And it  is nothing but a digital feedback process which consistently tells you your score. Not just of your earnings, but also the future earning  potential of a particular ad.

advertisement for affiliate product

These ads are also called ad campaigns.

And as you watch some of your ad campaigns bringing in higher profit, you can scale them up with more investment. At the same time you can also scale down those ads that show poor profits.

The best part is that with time you will get progressively better at understanding what is working and what is not. And that knowledge and the confidence that comes with it, will ensure that you earn more money with time, and waste less and less.

Having Your Own Website Or Blog

Like I mentioned earlier in a post you can succeed online without a website also , but I would strongly advise you to have a website or  a blog.

The advantage of having  your own website or blog is that you can place affiliate banners on your site. As long as the banners relate to your blog and are relevant, they make a super way to earn affiliate commissions.

Your own blog (read website also) gets you noticed online. It helps you get a taste of success.

With your own blog or site, you come to understand quickly what works online and what doesn’t.

have your own blog

Once you have a blog or site you learn to sell, which is the greatest skill required to succeed in any business.

You learn how to monetise your blog, that is earning money in multiple ways from your blog or site.

Besides what I just said, the other most important thing for a successful blog/website is to  ensure highly targeted traffic is available to your site. That means consistent visits form a big number of potential customers. Else  no-one is going to buy from you.

Don’t worry there are a host of ways to attract great traffic to your site, and they are all workable. You will attract success online.

Importance of Traffic For Your Website Or Blog

When cars and trucks ply on the road it is called traffic. Likewise when online visitors (potential buyers) come to your site they are termed as traffic coming to your blog or site.

Traffic that you get on your site is of two types; organic traffic and paid traffic.

Paid traffic is what comes to your site by paying for it.

Yes you read that one right.

You actually pay for each click from every visitor.

This is called pay per click (PPC), and there are huge number of people out there online,who sell clicks. But we won’t go into that today.

Its enough to know, in short, that you could use PPC marketing to drive traffic to your website.

PPC traffic gets quick increase in visitors.

social media marketing for SEO traffic

But the flip side is that it  can get very expensive and it does not always guarantee  good quality traffic to your site. That means visitors could click but still not buy. So there is a risk of wasting money.

But, with a bit of keyword research online  using  keyword tools  you can reduce your risks of wasting money.

The other option of driving online traffic is organic traffic or through  free methods. This is a slow method but much more surefooted and has excellent long term effectiveness for your site.

 For free organic traffic you can use free traffic sources  like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Medium, and Google+ etc.

You get free organic traffic through a lot of backlinksBacklinks are important because they are connections which you get from other websites on the internet. This happens when your content is so good that other sites connect to you by referring to your site.

The more the backlinks your site gets the better it is for you.

Especially backlinks coming from popular, well known sites called authority sites. And these backlinks come to you when you deliver great value to your audience online. If you put good content on your site, your own popularity grows with time. Interestingly, things get even better when you put out epic content that makes your posts go viral.

What If You Don’t have a website

If you don’t own a blog or website yet, well that’s fine. Yet it would still help immensely to master ad campaigns, and pay per click PPC ads with Google, Facebook, Bing and other search engines to profit through affiliate marketing.

Pay per click ads have proved extremely profitable in  creating huge online earnings through affiliate commissions. Now testing, trying, tweaking is still required here.

But when you get a correct hang of PPC ads  there is no looking back.

own website for online marketing

Without a website another cool hack is to use a landing page or a squeeze page to run your affiliate offers online. Search engines will index landing pages also and you get to enjoy good rankings there too.

The best part is you can create landing pages very easily and you can earn great profits  just by smartly using the affiliate tools you get from the company  whose affiliate products you’re promoting online.


Online affiliate marketing today has turned into a “go-to” model for anyone who wants to succeed and become a great marketer online. Success comes through hard work, there are no short cuts and I do not support any. But if you work sincerely, with time progressively you will find yourself mastering skills that earlier frightened you. With this very purpose, I strongly recommend setting up a blog or website ASAP. Once you have your own site you will master an untold range of digital skills, selling being just one of them.

And like I said profits must and will follow. They have no business staying away from you !