7 Top Advantages Of Long Tail Keywords

7 Top Advantages Of Long Tail Keywords

Why are we discussing top advantages of long tail keywords? What are long-tail keywords? According to a popular definition keyword phrases that usually  contain four or more words are known as long tail keywords.


The other alternative is short tail keywords, with less than three words.

The main characteristic  of long tail (L. T) keywords is not just the number of words in them but   their “specificity”. They help net searches to narrow down to specifics.

For example if I want to search  for beautiful red roses with long stems ”, then merely searching for “red roses”  isn’t going to help. Because my search is not specific enough.

So short tail keywords (red roses) are more generic or  broad in their scope. Usually more number of  people will be searching for them at a given time.

So in a way their search competition will be higher.

Whereas, L. T keywords will have less number of people searching for exactly that same phrase example “beautiful red roses with long stems”. Hence you have  more specificity. And less competition.

long tail keyword value

This is exactly why long-tail keywords are more valuable.

This is also the reason why getting top ranking for L. T keywords is much easier (lower competition).

In what I just said so far, we have just scratched the surface of the vast benefits of these keywords.

Most novice bloggers are usually unfamiliar with the immense punch they deliver for your SEO, page rankings, and most importantly your sale conversions.

 That’s why its worth a peek to  understand the top advantages of  long tail keywords.

There are plenty. And I’m listing only out  those with  immediate possible impact on your site.

1. They Improve Your Sales or Conversion

According to research it has been found that the majority of visitors on your site are on the verge of making a buying decision…..

But only when they have used a long tail keyword.

Someone who is keying in “tee-shirts” maybe a genuine buyer. But they may also be searching some term at random. So you’re really not  sure whether such a visitor is about to land you a sale or not.

But by contrast, what do you make of this?….

Someone has just searched for “White Sports tee-shirt size 42”.Surely now you have a visitor who knows what they want. And they are about to walk away with a purchase from you…

Or your competitor.  

competition in online business

But if your site is optimised for  long tail keywords according to the preference of  the potential buyer, then you can be assured of higher sale conversions.

That is only one of the many top advantages of  long tail keywords.

2. Already Include Your Main Keywords

 In the previous example consider “red roses” as a nucleus phrase (also called a head term)

Then your long tail keyword “red roses with long stems” already contains your nucleus phrase “red roses”.

It contains both,  and hence delivers you a double benefit. Any visitor, whether  searching  for a generic term , or for a narrow specific term, will be able to find both – the generic, and specific.

This is why it is always good to home on to long tail keywords and optimise for them from the very beginning itself.

3. Great  for Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

Another advantage of  long tail keywords is that they make for a very cost effective pay per click ad strategy.

Here’s why.

When you do  PPC advertising you have the option of bidding for generic keywords, or long tail keywords. Right?

Now if you take up generic keywords like “red roses”, you may end up getting a horde of clicks.

pay per click

Yet you can’t be guaranteed of many conversions (sales). That’s because the keyword is non-specific. As a result, unfortunately  you would have merely wasted your money for low returns.

But if you use specific long tail keywords like “red roses with long stems”, then you are likely to attract a more targeted traffic to your site.

And so your PPC ads will give you better returns on investment (ROI).

4.Excellent for Personalization

The specificity of these long phrased keywords is great for individualisation. One crititical metric to focus on is the keyword intent of the user which subsequently culminates in conversions.

 Today web searches are becoming increasingly specific to the user’s interests, geographical location and even browsing history.

That’s why two visitors searching for an exact same keyword might obtain differing results.

So it makes sense for you to be innovative to customise your keywords for  locations and seasonal purposes.

This does a lot for easing your visitors’ searches and offers them a memorable user experience also.

5. Best for Narrow and Competitive Markets

In narrowed, tight niches sometimes there can be very high competition.

For example if you want to make a mark as a great kids toy store in your local area in the US, you may be up against big names like Beka, Crayola, Green Toys etc.

Lets get realistic- your odds of making a dent are small.

long tail keyword for advertising

You have to face facts. These brands would have millions lining up for their goodies.

So instead of buckling before them entirely you opt smartly for targeted, specific keywords for your site.

For instance you optimise for  long tail keywords like “Best Toy Store Under 5 Years New Jersey”. And definitely not “Best Toy Store USA” !

Competition is real. But…

You don’t have to bash your  head against the mountain just because it’s there!

6. Prompted By Web Analytics

You maybe prompted for specific  keyword search terms even from  your preferred web analytics.That could be Google Search Console or any other web analytics extension.

Interestingly from the web analytics tools or Google Search Console you can get a fair hang of the number of visitors searching a specific keyword or term.

You also know how many visited your side. How many visits ended in  sales conversions.

So your very familiar tools often aid you with incidental assistance for searching good, long, specific keywords.

7. Easier To Optimize On Page SEO

On-page SEO ,and optimisation is easy with L. T keywords because not too many of these are needed on a page. So you can comfortably weave them within your text as titles, sub heads, list heads, bullet points or even as alt text.

on page SEO

Eventually this lends more authenticity to your site page. The winning outcome is enhanced user- experience.

And to top it off, good sale conversions too!

So that is a brief rundown of some great advantages of L.T keywords. But before winding up i would like to mention the names of a few onlline tools that are a great help in getting hold of L.T keywords.

List of Top Keyword Research Tools 

When you do keyword research, or any SEO function, your profits accelerate simply by finding matching long tail keyword research tools. Some best tools  (though not exhaustive) are listed here…

web analytics tools



3.Keyword Revealer.


5.Answer The Public.


We may not be delving deeply into these tools as of now but we will do so later.

Yet you may make a note because these are extremely handy for you as a blogger.


We all eventually desire good sales conversions in our online enterprise.

This is best possible through targeted traffic or interested visitors.

 And the fastest way to get this  is to have low competition keywords. The more specific the better.

Because they attract less competition, they promise far better conversions.

You can use web analytics, including Google Search Console, for searching relevant keywords as also other SEO tools.

For  novice bloggers, knowing the advantages of  long tail keywords is bound to accelerate their long term success online.