Best Reasons Why Personal Branding On Social Media Succeeds

The process of personal branding on social media requires time and effort. Even if you just use social media infrequently, anything you post contributes to the mainstream narrative. That’s a big reason why online businesses are studying personal branding closely.

So what’s becoming super important in the digital marketing profession (and personal branding) ?

Well here’s the thing. How you represent yourself on the internet is now just as crucial as how you present yourself offline. And if done correctly, you may be able to land your next business opportunity.

According to  “We live in a world where your online reputation can be your strongest asset or your biggest liability. A world where sales and marketing are better executed by employees with strong personal brands than by the brands themselves.”

If you want to know the reasons for focussing on personal branding on social media, then this post is for you.

What Is Personal Branding On Social Media?

Personal branding on social media is the process of influencing the general view of yourself as a brand. And you do that by maintaining a consistent tone, character, and narrative across all channels.

Essentially, it entails defining the topics and ethical choices for which you stand. This is achieved through posting engaging information centered on such values.

You get the idea. Right? Just like brand marketing, personal branding on social media reflects what you are on a personal scale.

That’s one reason why there must be no contradiction between your online identity and your real-life character.

No wonder then, how critical it’s for businessmen to recognize this delicate connection. The one between their brand in the market, and their personal brand on social media.

Leaders in Thought And Authority

Significantly, personal branding allows corporate leaders to endorse their businesses. This way they can also express their thought leadership in the industry.

In effect, a well-planned digital personal brand establishes the leader as an authority in their field.

As a result, customer-faith increases in that particular product or service . And it also contributes immensely to the vital Google EAT score  for all the online content of a business.

In fact,  notes that there is a fine distinction between thought leadership and personal branding.

The distinction between the two is that thought leadership involves more work. But it yields strong credibility. However personal branding has a different potential. It can enhance an individual’s value beyond first impressions.

personal branding on social media

That is exactly how a true business leader raises customer confidence. By exhibiting superb authority in his industry on social media channels.

For example, if your business, deals in real estate, you should be the “reference expert ” on that topic. Particularly on your chosen social media sites.

This,by the way, makes a more significant business impact than any other method of marketing.

Brand Recognition Through  Social Media

The primary purpose of personal branding online is to be recognized. That’s why, to start a successful enterprise, you must have a visible online footprint.

Next, you need to justify why your organization exists. For this, you describe your area of competence.

This can be accomplished by referencing back to your operational business. And you do that by posting links from the official corporate site to your personal profile. That done, you maintain the interaction on a personal scale.

Interestingly, personal branding on social media is also a smart method of digital marketing . That’s because it enables a company in increasing brand awareness among customers.

And how do you do that? By keeping customers informed about new products, special offers, and discounts, among other things.

With such strong personal branding on social media, you can be the business’s top brand marketer.

Personal Branding On Social Media Through Influencer Engagement 

The modern-day equivalent of celebrity brand endorsement is influencer marketing.

A social media influencer is essentially someone who has built up a sizable presence on social media. He is thus capable of starting and driving the dialogue. And he can also significantly influence public opinion towards a business.

This is why companies frequently use purposeful influencers. They enhance lead generation, which creates a buzz about their goods.

Yet, influencers will only want to collaborate with businesses that already have a strong personal brand.

Given that, successful businessmen need to build a strong personal brand on social media. They also need to have a sizable following.These aspects then help them collaborate with influencers. And the eventual result is that the business benefits.

Personal Branding For lead generation  

Here’s the real clincher. Businessmen who do great personal branding on social media also enhance lead generation for their companies.

This is because customers prefer to purchase from real people, instead of brands.

According to Neil Patel “your customers want to feel connected to you, and that connection helps build trust.”

So here’s the intriguing part.

Online audiences frequently complain of a “disconnected experience” while interacting with businesses on social media.

personal branding  for lead generation

But a personal basis interaction with a successful businessman has a completely different impact. The same audiences report better connectedness when interacting with individual social media profiles.

 It is more probable that this connection will generate leads that ultimately result in sales.

The fact is that a  strong personal brand on social media reduces the time it takes you to close a contract for the company. That’s because of the trust that has been earned. Eventually, this helps optimize the selling process.

Building A Fan Base On Social Media

Now everybody has a personal life, and this can generate immense leverage for online branding.

While I agree that brand building is undoubtedly a business leader’s first priority.But this can also be hard on everyone.That’s because doing nothing but work “makes Jack a dull boy

But here’s the secret to livening up things .

Simply post personal moments of fun online. The immediate impact is that your fan following sees a more relaxed side of you.

These could be small personal moments. Like going on a skiing trip to the Alps, or throwing a surprise party for the parents who helped you succeed.

This way, social media gives stakeholders a chance to engage with their followers in a genuine way. It gives them a chance to share in their personal moments of fun. 

The positive result is that encourages discussion about your persona and eventually, the company. Remember that authentic connections with your audience are what last the longest.

Such deep connections are what define “mass trust” in digital marketing through personal branding  on social media.

Personal Branding On Social Media For Social Contribution

A personal brand on social media is also a platform to highlight what businessmen have done for society. But more importantly, it’s also an opportunity also to educate people and address new concerns.

How’s that possible?

Simply because such entrepreneurs are already an expert in their industry. And with that expertise, they have the ability to respond positively to needs for  CSR projects in society.

Such digital marketers will also be in a better spot to rally funds, talent, and influencers behind a cause that benefits society. That’s only possible if they have a strong personal brand on social media.

Social Media Personal Branding For SEO

Your content gets more attention from search engines when you actively engage with it on social media. That is due to the influence of social signals.

Social signals are the sum of a webpage’s individual shares, likes, and total social media presence as seen by search engines. These actions are viewed as an additional sort of citation because they, like backlinks, influence a site’s organic search ranking.

Good Examples Of Personal Branding On Social Media

Neil Patel

Neil Patel  has started and co-founded a number of businesses that enable marketing for online businesses.

neil patel on personal branding

These include Hello Bar, Crazy Egg, and KISSmetrics (an analytics platform that monitors website visitors). This list also includes analytics software that lets website owners observe what visitors are doing on their site.

Interestingly whatever Neil does is consistent with his image as an expert in web marketing and SEO. And this is how well he has succeeded to position his personal brand. The real clincher is that he frequently employs his picture in his content. 

Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow heads . Despite the fact that Smartblogger is now a team project, Jon Morrow has undoubtedly established a personal brand.

Jon has contributed to numerous guest blogs online, establishing himself. He participates on the same social media platforms where his readers hang out.

Now here’s the inspiring part about Jon’s life that makes him such a superb personal brand.

As a young child, Jon received a diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). He can hardly move any muscles as a result and is bound to wheelchair life.

But Jon, being the strong man that he is, did not allow his disability to hinder him or prevent him from achieving his goals.

He chose to blog and share his experience.

He achieved success while employed by Copyblogger, and from there he developed his own website, which is now known as Smartblogger. His monthly income is over $100,000 ,  from that website and the courses he runs. Isn’t that awesome!

Seth Godin

According to Seth Godin  “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

Over the past 25 years, the brand Seth Godin has earned a name as a marketing authority. Over the course of such time, he has written over 20 books, several of which have unusual or provocative titles like Purple Cow.

Seth has emerged as one of the most important marketing authorities on the planet. Audiences want to hear from Seth, not from a business or group.

Seth has made a name for himself as the king of quick blog entries. While most writers strive for long-form blog posts of 2,000 words, Seth instead crafts 200-word nuggets.

He has a particular writing style that is direct and concise. Seth Godin’s personal branding is so effective, in fact, that his brand is now associated with a quick post.

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Personal branding on social media is quickly emerging as a new strategy for businesses. That’s a big reason why a majority of corporate executives have an online presence and make use of it to the benefit of the companies they run.

 In fact, nowadays, practically every business owner has a purposeful social media account. There, they interact personally with the general public and their customers about the products they represent.

Not only that, they even offer a glimpse into their personal lives. And they take time to explain how they manage to strike a  work and life balance. That’s how smart businessmen are becoming the best brand ambassadors of their businesses.

Little wonder how crucial it is to comprehend personal branding for a successful business. And hence its equally important to know the reasons behind developing personal branding on social media.