The Best-Selling Digital Products On Amazon (Mini Guide)

The best-selling digital products on Amazon often don’t get listed with much clarity online. But there’s an increasing eagerness for marketing digital products online today.

The simple reason is that each day, the demand for digital products continues to grow.

Amazon alone generates an hourly revenue of almost $17 million, which is also a well-known fact. This whopping stat is sufficient to encourage a lot of digital product creators to head over to Amazon

So I guess you’re curious to know about marketing the most profitable products on Amazon. Well, in that case, this article is tailor-made for you.

So let’s dive in.

The Benefits Of  The Best Selling Digital Products On Amazon

It’s wise and profitable to sell digital goods on Amazon because you only need to create them once.

After that, you can continue selling them to different consumers repeatedly without having to restock your inventory.

Most of the time, your target demographic is already making purchases on Amazon’s vast marketplace . And hence, it makes sense to meet people where they are.

The Benefits Of Selling Digital Products On Amazon:

• Worldwide audience.

Content creators have a rare opportunity to connect with a captive audience because millions of shoppers are frequently searching for products on Amazon.

That’s where the option of Amazon Digital Services serves you extremely well..

• Minimum up-front expenditure.

Increasing sales and conversions is one of the goals of online marketing, and it can be accomplished without the need for specialist skills. You should eventually be able to connect with a worldwide clientele.

And Amazon gives you excellent support for achieving all of these elements.

The best part is, with Amazon you don’t have to spend money on a warehouse, logistics, personnel, or stock.

• Large margins

The profit margin for every sale is far bigger than when sending physical copies because the products are infinitely scalable.

For instance, you could sell one cover art thousands of times.

• Passive income.

After you publish your e-book on Amazon (or some other digital marketplace), it will immediately start to sell, giving you true passive income.

• Rapid start.

Your customers can start selling digital products right away, unlike companies that deal in physical products.

What Exactly Are Digital Products?

All electronic products, content, or media that you can download, store in a file, purchase, and distribute online are referred to as “digital products.”

With that definition, almost anything that one can access online or on a computer qualifies as a digital product.

Digital products include, for instance, eBooks, audio files, website templates, PDFs, etc. Any such product that meets clients’ needs digitally qualifies as a digital product.

In actuality, a digital product usually provides value and benefits customers despite having no physical existence.

Since a digital product is typically any item that a user can buy and use online, you refer to them as e-products.

Advantages of Digital Products Over Physical Products

Easy to Manage, Sell, and Deliver

Digital products are far simpler to manage than physical stock. To keep everything organized, all you need is digital storage and a marketplace.

 You don’t have to handle supply chain logistics like physical products.

Neither do you need to  engage with suppliers and wholesalers, nor manage day-to-day operations,

The best part is you don’t even need to stock your shelves.

Your online store is constantly open and available to customers.

Digital Products On Amazon

The selling procedure is more streamlined. That’s because all a customer needs to do is press a button, in order to make a purchase.

Additionally, you don’t have to amuse clients in your store.

More importantly, they don’t have to wait days or weeks for deliveries. And the icing on the cake is that as soon as they make a purchase, customers can use their products.

Unstoppable Profit Margin

The enormous profit margin of selling digital goods on Amazon is the most alluring feature.

Remember, digital products actually have no marginal costs.

Simply put, this implies that you don’t have to spend money buying new inventory for each item you sell.

You don’t require physical supplies and other connected costs, so your profit margins are significantly better.

However you place a lot of emphasis on customer service and marketing, and that’s exactly what generates larger and quicker earnings.

Astonishing Customer Engagement

You have special opportunities to engage with your customers directly when you sell digital products.

Through social media, you can create whole communities around your digital products (books, music, digital art, etc.).

This is the age of knowing your online target audience very well, in order to serve them better. And the kind of customer interaction through Amazon increases brand loyalty, which boosts sales.

What digital products can I sell on Amazon?

1. Ebooks  (One Of The Fast Selling Digital Products On Amazon)

The term “e-book” refers to an electronic book.

You can translate this text file into a digital format but you cannot edit it. The content is finally presented on an electronic device, such as a tablet or smartphone, to make it easier to read.

E-books are easy to create and help generate a lot of revenue. Today the most popular ebook platform globally is Amazon Kindle.

Additionally, it offers millions of titles. It’s interesting to note that Amazon supports several formats, including PDFs.

Besides, you’re not limited to writing fiction or business books alone. You can create trip guides, case studies, or textbooks, using your creativity.

In fact, it could be anything you think your target audience would like to read.

The most interesting part is you can opt to set your own prices when you decide to sell eBooks on Amazon.

You also get to maintain ownership of your rights, edit them whenever you want, and generate money from sales royalties.

The good news is that it takes less than five minutes to publish an eBook through KDP, and within 24 to 48 hours it will begin to appear in Kindle stores all around the world.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

You can self-publish eBooks for free using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) technology.

This unique portal enables you to create a product detail page for your book, and it also provides you easy accessibility to your book on Amazon.

Before placing your book out for sale, working with an editor is beneficial due to the quality desired.

The good part is that KDP does not examine or edit your work in the same way that established publishers do.

It is well known that if you sell a book for $10, you will make $7 each time. You’ll collect 30% of the sale price if you set your price lower.

In light of this, if you set your pricing at $2.99 or more, you’ll receive 70% of the price the book sells for on the website.

Precautions For Publishing E-Books On KDP

Here are some safety measures recommended by the KDP to keep you inside the bounds of the law:-

1. Prior to submitting the book, find and correct any typos, grammatical problems, or duplicate text.

2. Don’t publish puzzles or other coloring books that are improper for Kindle.

3. Create a top-notch cover to attract potential consumers.

4. Format the book correctly to ensure the optimum reading experience and prevent forced alignment or spacing problems. Make sure to use the right file format, such as DOCX, DOC, or HTML.

5. Create accurate metadata to guarantee that your book appears in Amazon search results. This helps to prevent content removal or the dissemination of false information.

2.Online Courses (A High Demand Digital Product On Amazon)

Offering online courses is a great method to generate passive income. And its advantage is that it is a consumable product that can be purchased repeatedly.

Known sources tell you that you can sell online courses on Amazon, on your own website, on Udemy, and various other online sites. However, to a limited extent, you can also sell courses on Amazon

It’s important to note that these courses are not structured in typical classroom settings like college or business training.

This is because  Amazon is able to create a platform for video publishers with  Amazon  Prime Video Direct.

This way Amazon provides an excellent opportunity to reach a larger audience and make money.

 Furthermore, you don’t even need to have official training to work as an instructor.

The subscriptions to your online courses can provide you with a new source of income from your field of expertise.

Here are some suggestions for online courses you could create and put out on Amazon:

•        Professional development

•        Yoga

•        Meditation

•        Dance classes

•        Photography

•        Graphic Design

•        Arts and Crafts

•        Copywriting


For music, there is nothing like turning to TuneCore. This platform is an integral component of Amazon Music. Here you only need to create an account, upload your song, and wait for approval to utilize TuneCore.

Because of this, composers can upload and sell their music to customers through more than 150 global retailers. This includes iTunes and Google Play.

Additionally, there are social media platforms and streaming services like Amazon, Spotify, and Apple Music that can be integrated for the same purpose.

TuneCore Formatting and Style Guidelines

You need to follow all TuneCore formatting and style requirements, along with a few safety considerations, for effective music distribution:-

  • Make sure you have no contact details, prices, or email addresses.
  •  Resist sending artwork that is smudged or missing parts, and include any digital retailers or their trademarks, such as iTunes.
  •  Include a PNG, JPG, or GIF image file with your cover art.
  •  Maintain a minimum resolution of 1600 by 1600 pixels and a square image.
  •  Maintain cover art at a resolution of at least 72 dpi; however, 300 dpi is preferred.
  •  For all colored and black-and-white photographs, use the RGB color mode.
  •  You are free to post the cover image without any script, although it is advised that you do so together with the release’s title and the name of the artist.

4.Digital Art

For artists that wish to combine powerful digital and physical products, Amazon Merch is a terrific platform.

This platform primarily helps you sell artwork to a larger audience that regularly taps into Amazon every day.

When you upload a beautiful work of art to Amazon Merch, the platform instantly prints it on items like t-shirts and other physical products.

 Digital Products On Amazon

You are not responsible for managing inventory or anything else. The coolest thing is that as clients place orders, new products are automatically shipped to them.

Precautions For Using Amazon Merch.

  1. Don’t include metadata that is irrelevant to your design or that asks for feedback or names external contacts.
  2. . To avoid infringing on someone else’s copyright, refrain from using their artwork.
  3. . It’s best to use designs with 300 dpi quality, a maximum file size of 25 MB, and RGB colors. 
  4. . Do not designs that incite violence, racism, gender bias, religious intolerance, or any other form of hate and human suffering.
  5. . Also, do not post obscene or disrespectful designs.
  6. . In order to offer children’s sizes, make artwork that is suitable for that age group.

5. Software

In the post-COVID era, there is undoubtedly a sizable market that is expanding tremendously for software.

 These digital products are incredibly lucrative if you have experience with coding or app development.

If you lack the necessary technical expertise, you might want to think about collaborating with others.

Examples of software products include desktop programs, online apps, mobile apps, and more.

On the Amazon Appstore, you can offer a range of mobile apps, eCommerce themes, and website templates if you have software development skills.

Despite Amazon’s 30% fee on sales, you still benefit from the platform’s wider audience.


You can listen to audiobooks instead of reading them because they are audio recordings of the book’s text. Abridged or verbatim copies of books can be made into audiobooks.

Nowadays, audiobooks can simply be downloaded as digital audio files in MP3, WMA, or AAC formats (Advanced Audio Coding).

Any electronic device, whether a phone, computer, tablet,  home speaker system, or in-car entertainment system can be used to access audiobooks. In fact, that system should be able to support streaming audio.

In recent times audiobooks have gained high priority among some of the best-selling digital products on Amazon

Interestingly, you can access a completely new market by selling audiobooks on Amazon’s subsidiary, Amazon Audible.

Amazon Audible

Audible is an Amazon service that provides audiobooks, podcasts, and more. In fact, it’s one of the most popular subscription services for audiobooks.

They produce unique audio content out of books that aren’t available elsewhere.

The fact is, people would rather listen to a book than take the time to sit down and read because of everyone’s busy schedules. Because audiobook use is currently on the rise, Audible is value for effort and money.

To that end, this platform offers a variety of audio entertainment in a convenient subscription bundle. Small wonder why it is one of the most widely used services for listening to books.

7. Selling Games And Apps On Amazon

Some of the best-selling digital products on Amazon also include games and apps.

You make 70% of what the product sells for on Amazon when you offer digital products like apps and games.

The majority of publishers will retain between 50 and 75 percent of your earnings, and some will retain even more.

However, with Amazon, you will decide the pricing for each product and increase your profits.

Selling Games On Amazon

According to the Amazon App Distribution policy, you can sell your PC, Mac, Web, Fire tablet, HTML5, and Android games on Amazon for a fair price and receive a 70% income split.

To monetize your games, simply sign up as a developer and upload them to the Amazon App store.

You have a fantastic chance to have Amazon create detailed pages for your featured games. And this helps you reach millions of their customers across the world.

By adhering to their rules, you can sell both new and old games on Amazon.

Selling Apps On Amazon

For selling apps, you authorize Amazon to offer your software in the Amazon app store.

 Keep in mind that this might not be like other app shops you are accustomed to, where you are the seller of digital products.

Instead, you will receive a revenue share of the app’s list price less any relevant taxes that Amazon pays when it sells your app.

Process For Creating Digital Products On Amazon in Detail

Authority And Trustworthiness

Always be knowledgeable enough about the product to make meaningful modifications to it, if required.

Also make sure to keep creating fresh information on the subject, whether or not you are a subject expert.

For instance, if you want to publish yoga and pilates ebooks on KDP, you need to be well-informed about the subject and all of its nuances.

Keep in mind that the digital marketing landscape is continually changing, so you might need to release new editions of your book.

Recognize Priorities and Evaluate Performance

Do you want to increase your website traffic, revenue, or social media engagement? What was your original intent?

What we’re implying here is to know what you want to accomplish with your content before you start to create it.

Once the product has gone live, evaluate its performance in relation to your intended goal.

This aids in figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and what has to be improved for the following time.

There are no strict guidelines for creating content on Amazon, regardless of your level of experience or familiarity with the process.

But as was already mentioned, good content is frequently focused, targeted, platform-specific, and generated with care after extensive marketing research.

For your better guidance, the top traits of a productive Amazon digital content developer are listed below.

Stay Informed, Read, And Do Research

Successful content producers are always aware of the most recent industry trends. They also keep an eye on how audiences are changing how they utilize digital media.

Additionally, content creators comprehend the requirements, issues, and concerns of their audience and appeal to them through their works.

So, be sure to keep up with current events and what’s “in demand” by doing research on what is truly happening around the globe.

Sufficient Marketing Expertise

A competent content developer goes beyond simply creating quality material.

Additionally, they come up with strategies for the greatest potential content promotion.

For instance, you can find a lot of additional techniques to get buyers to your digital products outside, while only relying on PPC. 

You can develop marketing content and develop your brand through email lists, social media, and other digital channels. For this, you only need to use simple tools like Canva.

Marketing Of The  Digital Products On Amazon

The goal of marketing is to know and understand the consumer so well that the product sells itself and that selling is no longer necessary. This eventually results in a lifetime relationship with the customer in which trust is regularly rebuilt.

And this is only possible by applying a systematic process in any field.

Well, here’s a systematic procedure to ensure that your new digital product has the best chance of succeeding in the Amazon ecosystem.

1. Analysis Of The Best Amazon Digital Products

Even if you already have a digital product in mind, it still pays to perform some research and find out how others market comparable goods.

Make a few notes on the descriptions and photos that are being utilized.

Next, do some keyword searches to see what comes up. A few third-party programs can also offer thorough Amazon marketplace analytics.

2. Developing The Digital  Products For Amazon

You can create and design quality digital products for Amazon based on the demands of your possible target market using research-based knowledge.

Do not, however, believe that you can perfect your idea in one attempt.

Instead of spending months building something without receiving any input from the market, release an MVP (minimum viable product) and test the response while making improvements.

3. Uploading The Digital Products On Amazon

You must open a seller account on Amazon when your product is prepared to be listed there.

You can choose between an Individual plan (where Amazon charges you a fee from each sale) and a Professional plan (pay a fixed monthly fee).

Then you need to photograph your products or create design mock-ups and write a compelling description.

Last but not least, add the goods to the marketplace and begin promoting them on your social network, possibly even with paid advertising.


1. What are the best digital products on Amazon Digital Services?

Amazon Digital Services LLC is an online retailer of digital goods like music, eBooks, software, streaming music, and other such items.

These digital services comprise features such as:-

•        Amazon Drive.

•        Amazon Prime Video

•        Kindle Unlimited service

•        Educational apps

•        Video games

•        Music subscriptions.

The Amazon Digital Services subscription is paid either on a monthly basis or on an annual basis, and it is subscription-based.

As a customer, you can use free trials to test out products you intend to buy on the Amazon website.

Besides, you always have the option to easily stop your subscription to Amazon Digital Services.

2. What are the most popular digital products to sell online?

The most popular digital products to sell online are:-

  • eBooks.
  • Software.
  • Applications.
  • Digital artwork and graphics.
  • Templates for cloud design platforms.
  • Fonts.
  • Audio clips and music.
  • Photography.

3. Which is the best e-book-selling marketplace online?

When it comes to selling their eBooks, bloggers, authors, and business owners should definitely look to Amazon.

Additionally, it is currently the most well-known website online for the sale of eBooks. In fact, Amazon holds almost 70% of the global eBook market.

4. What should I consider before producing digital goods for Amazon sales?

Start by compiling a list of products you can sell online and the many kinds of digital content you can produce. Remember, now is the best moment to get started because Amazon is providing amazing options for you to showcase your digital product in front of a huge customer base.

5. What digital products are available for sale using an Amazon Digital Services account?

You can sell a variety of products on  Amazon Digital Services Account :-

a) Amazon Prime Video

b) Amazon Audible

c) Amazon Drive

d) Kindle Unlimited

e) Amazon Music Unlimited

f) Amazon Kids+

6. How many words does an ebook require? And how can we boost Amazon’s ebook sales?

First off, the context and topic of your article are very important.

Most importantly, your audience’s expectations play a bigger part. Generally speaking, professionals advise you to make sure your book is between 5000 and 8000 words long

People have always judged books by their covers when making purchases. On Amazon, it is the same. Once you’re convinced of this, put money into creating a genuinely engaging cover image that appeals to your target market.

7. How much money can you make on Amazon by selling digital products?

Your income is based on the prices you charge, the size of your audience, and your business plan. This is recurrent income if the good or service is a subscription.

You may earn a lot of money selling digital products because there is an unending supply and there is no cap on the amount of stock you can hold.

However, if you’re selling ebooks on Amazon, this would be a one-time investment.

The actual income potential is as follows: if your product costs $100 and you have 1000 subscribers with a 2% conversion rate, you will make $2000. However, you earn $20,000 if you have 10,000 subscribers, with the same product and conversion rate.

8. Is it possible to sell NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on Amazon?

An NFT is a digital asset. And they mimic tangible products like works of art, music, video games, and real estate. They lower the risk of fraud substantially. You can purchase NFTs online.

They resemble cryptocurrencies because the basic software used to encode them is similar.

And no. Amazon presently forbids the sale of NFTs. though, it might start selling them in the future.

However, there are other sites where you can sell and purchase NFTs.

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Even as we close this article on the best-selling digital products on Amazon, the online community is busy making more and more sales online. That means more revenue for the seller.

So the takeaway here is to get down to creating some great digital products, thereby adding value to your customers. And make money in the bargain.

Digital products are not only easy to create but they also offer you related benefits. For instance, there’s zero physical inventorying, or logistics. They also enable you to generate recurring profits over a long period.

Among a host of other marketplaces for selling digital products, Amazon offers the most reliable and sustaining features for selling digital products.

Hence it goes without saying that once you have a digital product in hand, checking out the amazon marketplace could prove to be a game-changer for you.