11 Best Practices To Write E-books And Earn Online Today (2023)

11 Best Practices To Write E-books And Earn Online Today (2023)

There are evergreen best practices to write e-books, provided you know them. And once you do implement these best practices you can excel at creating great e-books easily.

But most bloggers ask whether anybody will purchase their e book if they publish one?

According to Statista.com  by 2025, the number of people who read eBooks is anticipated to reach 1,166.3 million. In 2021, income from eBooks was expected to reach US$16,109 million. So the fact is that e-books are an invaluable source of information and revenue. And they are here to stay.

Do you see how huge this is?

As an internet marketer, you’ll almost certainly want to write an ebook that shares the expertise and information you’ve gained.

You may wonder “why”, because most content is already easily available.

And here’s the thing.

If someone really wanted to spend the time searching for, and validating the content provided in ebooks, it is typically available for free on the internet.

But the intriguing thing is, despite easy availability, many internet marketers, earn handsomely from e-books,

Why’s that ?

Its because smart authors use best practices to write e-books

Besides this, readers the world over, are absolutely hungry for content. Especially structured, compiled content that offers them solutions to problems.

Interestingly, many people even make a livelihood by authoring and selling e books.

Matter of fact, it’s pretty likely that you’re already aware of this. And are considering writing an ebook yourself.

According to TheWriteLife.comebooks can be life-changing”.

Writing an e book is a wonderful place to start whether you want a consistent source of online income, or if you want to take the first significant step in your writing career.

So let’s look at how to generate money by writing an ebook.

But before that be sure whether it’s worth writing an e book.

Is It Worth The Effort Writing An E Book?

Here’s why I think it’ll be worthwhile for you to write an e-book.

1. You can allow your previous work to re-emerge. And you can find satisfaction in the fact that your hard work in creating content is not being wasted. It will receive reader attention again.

2. The ebook will make it simpler for your users to access precise information they’re looking for.

benefits of writing ebooks

3. You will be glad to  see your previously created content as a rich store of knowledge that your users can access again and again.

4. You’ll have the ability to boost your conversion rate.

5. You collect active leads for your site or blog with each ebook purchase, which will help you determine out who is seriously interested in your products.

6. Your work will be accessible offline, allowing others to read it from anywhere.

7. An e book is your own digital product , and a valuable piece of online content that can be sold several times on the internet.

8.You could also distribute it as many times as you want with no additional production costs.Also,there are no delivery costs involved.

8.You can include links to supplementary content in the ebook to encourage readers to dig deeper into your content.

10.Many authors also leverage links to affiliate products in the e book.This is an additional strategy of promoting affiliate programs  to their target audience , for enhancing their earning potential.

Creating Value: One Of The Best Practices To Write E-books

To begin with, let’s just be honest: people still buy e books.

But there’s a catch.

They purchase products only from bloggers and internet entrepreneurs they appreciate and respect.

Those who add value to their lives.

You will have a marketplace eager to pay you high money for knowledge that solves major problems in life.

But what does that mean?

 It implies that you first need to build a strong relationship with your audience. And then provide them with plenty of valuable content.

best practices to write e-books

Speaking plainly, you don’t want to create a product that no one wants to buy.

Rather than asking if people still buy e books, ask yourself, “What can I do to cause readers to purchase e books from me?”

 In a sense, offer your readers  a reason to buy e book content from you.

In fact,when you initially win their trust by enriching their lives through your website or blog, you develop interested prospects who will gladly pay for your experience or knowledge.

How awesome is that?

Consider this.

You could write ebooks on just about any subject, and sell them for anywhere from $3 to $99 and above. When you scale your sale volumes you end up making very handsome money.

Ideas To Aid You In Creating An eBook

There are a slew of top strategies to ignite your creative juices for writing e books.

These can range from answering burning questions, to re-purposing your existing blog content.

 Eventually you can come up with a great theme for an educational, interesting, and financially lucrative ebook.

Let me walk you through the strategies.

Answer A Nagging Question For An E Book Idea

Always slant your topic with a view to answer a difficlut question.

For example, you can fill in the blank with something relevant to your area of study, blog, or industry while wondering about “what’s the secret_____.”

If you have a weight loss blog, for example,then you can pose your topical question as “losing weight during the holidays,” or “dropping weight after gaining it,” and “sticking to my diet” .

Audience Focussed Content For Writing The E Book

Audience Feedback

To begin with, you can take inputs from the audience themselves.

This can be accomplished via a blog post, a survey, or an email autoresponder series.

Taking audience feedback is extremely effective for writing e books.

You guessed it.

It helps you to harness the collective intelligence of many brains. And assures that readers will be interested in purchasing the final product.

Audience Persona And The  E Book Content

When writing an eBook, one of the most common mistakes people make is neglecting the criticality  of the audience persona.They don’t know the target audience well enough.

target audience to write  ebook

Here’s why that’s important.

Without a clearly defined audience, your content is only a shot in the dark. Most likely filled with guesswork about their likes and dislikes.

This is due to the lack of a clear and “audience-important” subject from the outset.

As a consequence, readers are left with a tangle of concepts. And they don’t offer any of the solutions they seek.

So what’s my point?

All I’m saying is, that instead of shaky guesswork, you rather study the audience very thoroughly. (This is indeed one of the most followed best practices to write e-books)

Consider their problems and the pain-points that your audience persona may encounter.

Ask yourself this.

How can the knowledge you possess, alleviate their fears and assist them in overcoming their obstacles?

Understanding your audience’s real problems , and their position on their journey, can help you discover exactly what they want to hear.

Search For Digital Communities For E book Ideas

 Some excellent resources for finding free information in your field are  forums, chat rooms, and social media sites .

Here’s how it works while searching for ideas on forums and communities.

Replace the term “your topic ” with the emphasis of your blog or website when typing “your topic community” into Google.

Case in point.

Quora and Reddit.

They are a superb source to look for ideas related to your topic.

Quora.Because Quora provides a forum for individuals to ask questions, it’s a great place to look for trending subjects.

Reddit.Reddit’s community is organised into Reddits and SubReddits. A topic may be accessed by anybody with a Reddit account. They may also subscribe to SubReddits, which are subreddits with specific subjects relating to their specialty. They also run the AMA (or AskMeAnything) Subreddit, which is quite popular among users.

Then there’s a community to help out journos called HARO.

HARO.You can even generate ideas from HARO  and Terkel. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a well-known internet tool that allows journalists to access public comments. HARO gives journalists access to a large database of potential sources for forthcoming stories.It also offers daily opporttunity for sources to gain important media attention.

Harness Other People’s Work

What if someone struggles with writing?

There’s a smart way out for that.

Allow accomplished writers to handle all of the work for you.

Here’s how it works.

Visit a bookshop, a library, or a magazine kiosk. Find titles that are relevant to your blog or website niche, alter the title but maintain the book or magazine’s content, and start to work.

Don’t copy paste anything though. Apply yourself a bit and put it in your words.

Guess what you’re doing here?

You’re simply leveraging existing knowledge and information of accomplished writers.And in the process helping others.

Can You Solve A Problem?

I propose that you try to figure out what difficulties your readers or subscribers are having. Then develop a single piece of content that addresses that particular issue.

best practices to write e-books

There’s just one issue with this.

Sometimes people go overboard removing all kinds of obstacles for their audience. And that’s humanly not possible.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this.

So, become a problem solver surely. But there’s no need to become a miracle worker, in the process.

Consider what issues you can tackle in a short amount of time in your marketplace or niche

Now here’s the big secret.

 Ebooks that guarantee results in a span of specific days, sell exceptionally well. For example “lose 5 lbs  weight in 21 days“(and a host of other deliverable promises).

Review Your Previous Blog Posts

Wonder of wonders. There’s a wealth of information in your own blog articles .

And so this is a quick and easy approach to generate ideas for an ebook.

What’s the method here?

You simply bundle your own blog’s content into the sequential chapters of an e book.And sell it for a cost.

This then becomes another way of indirect blog monetisation.

Use Your Blog’s Different Facets As Chapters

Take a look at the many blog posts you’ve put together.

Consider what chapters you could write for your ebook based on the information you’ve gathered.

For example, one blog post might make up a whole chapter, or you could craft  your chapters by combining different portions of blog articles.

Make Changes To The Content.

Some of the posts you use to write chapters might be a few months old.

Or even older.

But relevance often makes or breaks the demand for your content.So to make it relevant for your readers you need to freshen up your content.

Hence you need to update it.

And its not so difficult really. Start off on it, and bit by bit you shall be able to hack it, and freshen it up.

 See Your Blog Posts As An Accomplishment

Write about something you’ve done recently in your company.

Have you recently begun to create an email list?

Do you know how to acquire free website traffic?

The intriguing fact is that these are actually your achievements, but you may not have considered them that way.

Again, bloggers looking for content for an ebook don’t need to  look any  further than their own blog for accomplishments.

Once you follow some simple strategies for creating exceptional blog content,each post is a masterpiece of value to the reader.

It’s an accomplishment,and you deserve to take credit by including it’s content in your e-book. Interestingly such credit not only enhances the power of your content but there’s another advantage.

It helps you create some easily replicated best practices to write e-books.

Be Confident But Realistic While Writing Your E Book

There’s another interesting side to e books.

E books are often modest in size. They range between 7,000 and 25,000 words.

best practices to write e-books

But aspiring writers tend to get over confident because of this statistic.

So here’s a note of caution.

Howsover optimistic you are, you’ll need to put in some time and work to get your first ebook published.

And what does that mean?

Well, the major thing is that it all boils down to knowing your audience from the inside out.

You have to have a thorough understanding of your target audience. The topic you write on should be something you know a lot about, and have done a lot of research on.

Here’s a list of some common mistakes by bloggers:-

 1.Choosing a topic they’re unfamiliar with. 

2.Only writing when they’re in the mood.

3.Pretending their ebook isn’t important.

4.Tossing your best work into the fault zone.

5.Giving up just as things start to get easier.

And guess what? That last mistake is really avoidable!


1. What is the typical length for an ebook

Ebooks can vary in length, but they generally range from 10,000 to 50,000 words, depending on the topic and audience.

2. How do I choose a profitable topic for my ebook?

Select a topic that aligns with your expertise and has a demand in the market. Research keywords, trends, and audience needs. This is one of the commonly followed best practices to write e-books.

3. Do I need to hire a professional editor for my ebook?

While it’s highly recommended, self-editing is possible. However, professional editing ensures a polished and error-free final product.

4. How can I publish and distribute my ebook?

Ebooks can be self-published on platforms like Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, or through your own website. Consider various distribution options to reach your target audience.

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The best practices to write e books are crucial for excelling at writing ebooks. The reason is that readers all across the world are hungry for well-structured content. Content that provides solutions to their difficulties.

There’s one thing, however, you definitely don’t want to do. And that is to create a product that no one wants to buy.

To avoid this, you need to establish a strong rapport with your audience. Then offer them a boatload of useful information.

And you may do it in a variety of ways, which includes resolving a nagging issue for the reader,and  focusing  exclusively on the audience persona.

Also, keep in mind that your own blog posts contain a plethora of knowledge.Just in case you’re at a loss on what to write about.

As a result, your previous hard work on your blog becomes a quick and easy way to create an e-book.And it’s also a great method to make use of your past labour, and allow it to resurface. This way, the reader is able to benefit from your existing blog content once again.

Finally, make sure you are realistic and persistent in creating the e book, once you do start writing.

Do not give up midway, whatsoever. Fabulous results must, and will follow  once you complete your mission.

Share your views in the comment box below. And tell us about your plans to adopt the best practices to write e-books in the immediate future.