What Are The 9 Best Ways To Make Money Blogging On The Internet

What Are The 9 Best Ways To Make Money Blogging On The Internet?

Most aspiring bloggers want to make money from blogging on the internet. It may appear difficult initially, but making money blogging is not that complicated really.

Thousands of bloggers make money from their blogs nowadays by building a mailing list, using AdSense, affiliate marketing, and promoting digital products. This is only feasible if they focus on a niche, grow their audience, have a strong content marketing strategy, and consistently publish posts.

But newbies don’t really understand how to go about making money blogging.

However I say, every successful blogger was a novice one day when he started off his journey.

Yet when the newcomers see the swamped landscape of the blogging world, they get overwhelmed by the statistics. The odds simply seem to be stacked against them.

So here’s the thing.

Don’t get blown away by the fact that there are over 500 million blogs on the internet. And no need to worry yourself sick over those 7 million posts being published daily.

The beauty is that not all of them are there to make money.

make money blogging

So stay on the path, and be encouraged.

You can make a big success of your blog with right the strategy.

You can start making money blogging online if you have a good number of blog posts and subscribers. But for that, you must learn the art of writing posts that people want to read.

Blogging your way to profits is possible, and always achievable if you know what you’re doing.

Brief Prelude To Making Money By Blogging

At first, your blog should be about expressing your thoughts, and if you’ve built up a decent following, you can start looking for ways to monetize it.

Actually, you should know before you started blogging if your blog concept is something you could make money from.

But if you’ve already created a blog and want to monetize it, you can. All you need foremost is to really know your target audience.

know your blog concept for making money online

With that said, let’s look at  9 great strategies to make money on the internet.

1. Pick A Niche That You Enjoy And Are Knowledgeable About.

Choose a topic for your blog that you enjoy learning about and about which you have some knowledge.Picking the right niche initially , gives an enormous push to your blog success.  

This makes it easy for you to get up and running, quickly.

How do you know if your niche is your passion, and you can generate money from it?

Here’s an easy test.

 You can make money from your niche if you can come up with 25 blog topics for it, within 60 minutes !!

2. Increase The Number Of People Who Read Your Blog.

Do you know the common mistake most failing bloggers are guilty of?

They’re only focused on making money, ASAP.

The reader is not a concern for them at all.

Well, I wouldn’t support that approach whatsoever.

Money is important, no doubt.


I suggest you don’t think about monetizing your blog when you’re just starting out. Although researching how you’ll profit when you’re ready is a good idea, but right now the focus should be on growing your followership.

How’d you do that?

increase readers of your blog
increase people who read your blog

By creating blog posts that people want to read.

Also, by:-

   1. Promoting your content using paid advertisements.

   2. By good keyword research for SEO.

   3. Through social media.

   4. Through other paid and organic methods.

Eventually, your audience will get to know, like, and trust if you, if you create high-quality content.

And when you help your readers solve real problems in their lives, they reward you with loyalty, traffic, sales, and profits.

3. Create A Mailing List

A mailing list is a collection of email addresses that can be used to send emails to a large number of people at the same time. Rather than sending separate emails to each user, mailing lists deliver a single email message to particular user groups.

 It provides small business owners with a means of direct communication with customers.

These are customers who willingly want to learn more about your products and services.

create a mailing list  to Make Money Blogging on the Internet

Don’t forget the fact that these are customers who have actively chosen to join your mailing list. So those people on your list have themselves decided to hear from you.

And these customers are a default captive audience for your content, and products. You simply need to create a sign-up for an email list on your blog to get them on board. To ease the process, you can use an email autoresponder service like Mailchimp or  AWeber.com.

What d’you do with a mailing list, once you have it?


 Invite people to join the mailing list so they may receive notifications of new content, tips, and techniques, in exchange for signing up.

And remember to focus on these tips and techniques since they’re crucial in giving you sales leads.

4. Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating and delivering quality, and meaningful content. And you publish it regularly, in order to attract and maintain a specific audience.

Eventually, it generates a profitable consumer response.

have a content strategy to make money blogging

You’ll need to create a robust content marketing plan as well as an editorial schedule once you’ve decided on the topics you want to blog about.

 It won’t happen if you wait for inspiration to blog every day.

Instead, make a strategy so you know what you’ll blog about daily ahead of time.

5. Become An Affiliate To Start Monetizing Your Blog.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting the products of another individual or firm. The affiliate simply finds a product they like, promotes it, and earns a portion of the profit from each sale they make.

Affiliate marketing is indisputably the best way to earn from your blog, in spite of the upsides and downsides of affiliate marketing .

You can join affiliate programs that make you a seller of other people’s products, services, and information.

With affiliate programs, you’ll get paid a commission if someone buys it because of your recommendation.

Only make sure you choose products that are relevant to your specialty and resonate with your target audience .

6. Create Your Own Digital Products

A digital product is an online chunk of content that may be sold and distributed over and over again on the internet.

And here’s the best part.

You can do all this, and still make money without needing to restock physical warehouses.

E-books, e-courses, MP3s, PDFs, movies, apps, and templates are common examples of these products. Mostly, these are downloadable digital files.

You’ll automatically come up with ideas for creating your own digital products, as you continue to write and gain a better understanding of your topic and audience.

create own digital products like e books

And what’s an easy way to create digital products?

 Canva.com. This is a graphic design tool that lets you make social media graphics, presentations, posters, ebooks, checklists, and any other digital product you can think of.

Google Docs . Google Docs allows you to create, write, edit, and publish digital products.

 PLR. The most versatile raw material for creating digital products is private label rights (PLR) content. And you use it to create your own products, to sell to your target market. You could even pay someone else to design digital products for you, out of PLR.

7. Provide Services of Your Own

You can provide services that are linked to your niche but also slightly outside of it.

Using your blog as an example, you may provide writing and editing services or website development services. There is a host of ideas on this subject in this post about indirect blog monetization.

indirect blog monetization is vital to Make Money Blogging on the Internet

You can make some additional money tweaking WordPress themes if you are a developer with advanced knowledge.

Or you could seek out business sponsors for your blog.

However, you can also provide services that are specific to the people who will consume your content.

8.Google Adsense

There are other advertising services available today that can assist you in earning money, but Google AdSense is by far the most popular.

Google introduced this advertising program in mid-2003, and it is now the most popular advertising program on the Internet.

The entire procedure is straightforward. You simply register an AdSense account and paste a tiny piece of code into your website pages to get started.

Google AdSense is a revenue-sharing and cost-per-click program. This means that your primary goal will be to generate as many clicks as possible for those adverts.

9. Publish On A Consistent Basis

It’s critical to remember that once you start a blog, you must update it on a regular basis. But you must decide clearly whether you want to  post daily or less than daily?

I feel that consistent blogging is essential for content marketing to succeed, and that frequency is important.

publish  blogs consistently

But how frequently should you blog?

 Well, in terms of traffic and conversions, publishing 2–4 times each week yields the best results.

 It shows that you don’t have to publish a new post every day. But in case you’re unable, then posting at least once a week will help you start off.

As a result, the search engines begin to map and track your site.

Furthermore, the more pages you have on your site (each blog post is a page), the more visitors you’ll get.

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If you’ve considered starting a blog to generate money but aren’t sure if it’s worth it, this article should help you decide clearly.

No one claims the journey is easy.

However, if you stick with it and do things the proper way, your blog will undoubtedly generate revenue.

It also implies that you consistently produce and promote high-quality content that is meaningful, well-researched, and relevant to your target audience.

Don’t give up. Keep pushing forward. Just apply all that has been discussed.

And, my advice at the cost of repetition is simple. Create excellent, epic content for your readers.