What’s The Likely Future Of Blogging? Or Is It A Thing of the Past?

Every aspiring blogger is eager to know the likely future of blogging. That’s because, sooner or later, some skeptics will try to persuade others that blogging is doomed. As a result, you may have heard that blogging is becoming obsolete.

Blogging was a huge hit in the early days.  It allowed people to freely express themselves online without having to know anything about technology or website building. As a result, several people started doing it on a regular basis.

The majority of people, though, gave up when they ran out of steam.

Those are the folks who believe blogging is going to disappear. Maintaining a blog is not just a test of endurance, but also a test of marketing abilities.

However, According to Databox.com’s recent study, 68 % of marketers believe blogging is more effective than it was a few years ago.

History And The Future Of Blogging

The first blog, according to most experts, was at Links.net , which was founded in 1994 by then-student Justin Hall as a venue to promote his writing. The site was made up mainly of short entries, each of which included a link and some of his comments on the topic.

In 1997, Jorn Barger of the popular Robot Wisdom blog developed the term “weblog” to describe these sites .

Garrett M. Graff was the first blogger to be granted White House press credentials in 2000.

And by the mid-2000s blogs had entered the mainstream. According to research published in January 2005, 32 million Americans read blogs, which was about 10% of the population then.

The New Blogging Paradigm

With an earning of $250 m per year, The Huffington Post has grown to become one of the most popular blogs on the internet.

It has grown to such proportions, with so many contributors, that it can now be everything to everyone. But such success, I think, is the exception rather than the rule.

 However, for the typical blogger or small business, the niche is preferable, as it allows them to focus on a topic that is known to be profitable.

Thus enters the term niche blogging.

future of blogging and niche

It’s a good idea to adopt a niche strategy. However, the niche may still be too vast at times, necessitating even more laser-like precision. Consider the difference between bonsai and plants. There are light and temperature difficulties with bonsai, as well as pruning and watering balances to maintain.

It’s Possible That The Future Of Blogging Will Surprise You

 Using software like WordPress, it’s never been easier to build a professional-looking blog. However, just because you have the ability to establish a blog does not imply you should.

 If you buy hosting for your blog – that is, register your own domain name – you’re making a significant time and effort commitment, as well as a financial one.

However, for some who consider their blog to be more than just art, and treat it as a legitimate company, the earnings can  be substantial .

What Is The Future Of Blogging  2022 And Beyond?

When blogging originally began, it was a way for anyone to express themselves online without having to worry about all of the technical parts of setting up a website.

While some writers and others with strong ideas continue to utilize blogs to exercise their right to free speech, many more have grasped the enormous potential of blogs as a way to make money online and as an advertising medium.

According to Hubspot The use of blogs will continue growing in 2022, with 29% of content marketers planning to leverage blogs for the first time and 10% planning to invest more in blogs than any other format.

Blogging Is A  Truly Profitable Business

It takes time and effort to blog. Yes, it can be a great hobby, but why not make money with it if you’re going to put in the effort to establish a legitimate blog?

In fact, a blog can be turned into a money-making engine in a variety of ways:-

1.Pick A Niche That You Enjoy And Are Knowledgeable About.

2.Increase The Number Of People Who Read Your Blog.

3.Create A Mailing List

4.Create a Content Marketing Strategy

5.Become An Affiliate To Start Monetizing Your Blog.

6.Create Your Own Digital Products

7.Provide Services of Your Own
8.Earn from Google Adsense.

money making is future of blogging

In addition, content marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on producing and distributing high-quality, relevant content. You also post it on a regular basis in order to sustain and attract a specialized audience. It eventually results in profitable customer response.

The content you publish does have the potential to become paid content that you can sell.

Online education and knowledge marketing are expanding. You might also make a membership blog or a structured eCourse out of your content.

Themes For Blogging 

Some people believe that blogging will die as a result of their lack of technical knowledge. However, the days of needing to be a master coder to establish a professional-looking blog are long gone.

You can quickly and simply change the design of your blog (such as the color scheme) and the location of the navigation bar with WordPress Themes (such as on the right of the page).

Widgets on the navigation bar can help you display all of your material and attract more visitors as they browse your latest articles and categories.

These user-friendly aspects lend a huge impetus to the future of blogging.

Website Traffic And The Future Of Blogging

Blogging sites are attracting ever-increasing visitors (traffic), which speaks volumes about the way blogging is likely to keep on expanding.

Here are some interesting statistics about blogging from Semrush.Com

1.Between 2014 and 2020, the number of bloggers in the United States increased by 10 million.

2.There are more than 500 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites.

3.Over 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages each month.

The top plugins enable you to market your business with only a few mouse clicks.

Other plugins enable you to improve your content for search engines and even communicate with them directly and automatically by producing a site map of all of your valuable information. 

More marketing equals more traffic, and more traffic equals more sales if you’re selling the right products to the appropriate people.And that happens when you know your audience well.

Influence Of Alternatives On The Future Of Blogging

Are there any other options besides blogging?

Well, today blogging is no longer just words on a page. Images, video, and audio can all be used. Articles, lists, ‘how-tos,’ and other types of textual content can be used.

Hence there are emerging alternative formats to blogging, which in the video form is called “vlogging”. However, vlogging is lagging behind in terms of earnings, which shows the future potential of blogging.

Influence Of Alternatives On The Future Of Blogging

To begin with, there is a large body of scientific research on cognitive ease in understanding text-based information (blog content).

Furthermore, research shows that text-based content helps users make better decisions for long-term purchases.

According to scientific studies, consumers still prefer written information over video information. A Google Trends comparison of vlogs and blogs over the last five years seems to back this up. This helps you decide whether blogging is better for profit or vlogging?

How Frequently Should You Post?

There are two schools of thinking on the subject.

The more posts you have, the more opportunities you have to attract search engines and engage with your target audience, resulting in increased traffic, subscribers, and revenue. Hence it appears that it’s ideal to publish blog posts on a daily basis.

However, the other opinion is that there are certain drawbacks. Burnout affects both bloggers and readers as a result of a fast-paced blogging environment or inadequate material.

That’s why, instead of daily publishing, it’s best to publish on a periodic or regular basis, in line with your strategic blogging goals. This also helps keep a focus on your target audience.

Hence, you must decide how often you should publish your posts. Should you publish posts daily or less?

Interestingly quality content ranging from 1500 to 2,500 words has a big impact on your blogging. In fact, such long-form articles frequently rank first in search engine results pages.

However, with a lengthier post like this, you won’t be able to publish as frequently.

Mastery of the Subject

Remember to include articles, lists, question and answer formats, audio and video, infographics, and more in your posts.

Creating an “authority site” for your subject is one of the most popular strategies. This entails a consistent editorial schedule of high-quality content.

This aspect is related to Google EAT ,  which is an acronym for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Google EAT is essentially a statistic for determining the content’s Page Quality (PQ). It also aids Google crawlers in determining the user value of a page’s content.

As a result, each post contributes to the overall image that you are an expert in your field who is worth listening to.

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Blogging has come a long way since the initial germination days.

Today blogs have not only become a source of great information, but they also pique reader interest and offer valid opinions on important subjects.

With the rapid evolution of content format, other forms of content like video (vlogs) are emerging as an alternative to blogging.

However, the written word carries a substantial authority that cannot be substituted by another source. So if you’re a beginner blogger and struggling with the dilemma of whether to continue or not, I say please plod on!

Let me know what you think about the future of blogging, in the comment box.

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